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Click to view video of Susan Wides at 'T' Space discussing her newest exhibition this—seasons

Susan Wides’s newest work is marked by an expanding exploration of the nature of sensory experience and its relation to the natural world. Wides’s latest body of work, this—seasons draws on her kindred alliance with the environment to create a series of photographs visually depicting her deep, synergetic connection to nature. Using innovative lenswork, she deconstructs the multi-layered phenomena of the perceptual. this—seasons proposes a primacy in the renewal of vision—one that places being out-in-the- world over being captive to a device. The vantage points Wides captures reveal psychological glimpses of the artist’s connection between mind, body, and nature. Wides’s poetic imaging, an art of intuition and technique, makes manifest our periled relationship to the natural world.

Each image in this series conceives of experience as an interaction with, as well as reconstruction of, the environment. Wides’s meditative practice requires her body to be in unison with the environment so that the lens becomes the bridge between the self and the world. Wides’s lens is an experimental adjustment of a living organism, the eye, to its surroundings. Using the camera to replicate the way the eye darts from place-to-place across a landscape, Wides engenders a truly psychological body of work.

this—seasons depicts elements within nature that are at once abstracted and crisp, appearing as color and texture in each landscape. Each photograph represents these natural elements with the density of paint, as color and texture become the indicators of atmospheric space. Wides does not simply take in the natural world for the fragrance of its pure beauty; she is committed to visually expressing the elemental connections between light, air, water, sunlight, and the body. this—seasons considers how life does not merely go on in an environment, but because of it, through active interaction.

2.22.15_ 4:01:53 Chromogenic Print 40 x 60 inches